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Caution by Quasimanga Caution by Quasimanga
Art created for the weekly illustration challenge site, This is my take on the subject “Caution”.

I had two ideas for this piece. (Actually, three ideas if you include the quickly dismissed “semi-naked chick in caution tape” concept.) The first idea had to do with a runner bursting through a repeating black & yellow caution-tape finish line. The line marked the edge of a cliff and the runner continued past the edge, lunging into the sky. Was he flying or falling? Who knows? Maybe I’ll do this picture sometime. It seems like a strong concept.

The second idea was some sort of smiling swindler trying to take advantage of a person. The key to this piece would be the use of the black and orange-yellow color “caution sign” palette. It hit me that the swindler’s tie would make for a perfect pathway for the repeating black & yellow caution pattern. Several days later, the picture was complete.

For more information about this picture, and work-in-progress image buildups, check out my blog:

As always, you can follow me on twitter. I’m Quasimanga.

Sketched on 9”x12” Strathmore Sketch paper. Finalized and painted in Photoshop CS 3.

High-quality Giclee prints are available in both 8.5"x11" ($10 plus $3.50 shipping) and 11"x17" ($20 plus $3.50 shipping) sizes, and I'll be happy to sign it.

To purchase a print:
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BattleJesus Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
I think the yellow&black candies in the corner are a great touch! :)

It really turned out great. Gets the message across. :)
I envy you!
azarath Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You always have such great concepts! I envy your imagination (and art skills!). :P
Eternal-Seeker Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Gorgeous concept. Even when I saw it in thumbnail stage, I knew I would love it. (And the idea for the runner -- Wah, I hope to see it some day!) <3
jonasseb Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2009
very cool! I really like the originality and the concept of this picture! U are a great artist!

P.S.: I'd be very happy, if u would visit my gallery too and maybe leave a comment (or a fav?...^^)
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August 28, 2009
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