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Last Dance - Page 1 by Quasimanga Last Dance - Page 1 by Quasimanga
A finalist in Kodansha’s 2nd Morning Magazine International Manga Contest (M.I.M.C.), Last Dance is a short gothic romance story about love, loss, and learning to let go. Set in a dreamlike Victorian fantasy world, it follows the love-smitten Dimitri, as he pays an unscheduled social call to a woman who has been forced to sever ties with him.
Last Dance both serves as a show piece for a more ambitious, similarly themed work called Shadow Walk that Lindsay and I are currently developing and explores the back-story for Dimitri, a principal character in Shadow Walk.
It was September 2007. Peach Fuzz volume 3 was wrapped up and off to the printer. Lindsay and I had just come back from a weeklong driving trip to New York City, our first extended vacation in close to eight years. Besides having to return home to the noisy asshole neighbor living in the apartment below us, things were going great.
A question hung above our happiness though. We had no confirmation on whether or not Tokyopop would be interested in a fourth volume of Peach Fuzz (they eventually passed). So, while waiting for an answer from Tokyopop, Lindsay and I plugged away at projects that we hoped would keep our lives moving in a positive direction.
Through Lindsay's Livejournal chatter, I learned that the Kodansha's Morning Magazine was running their 2nd international manga contest. Among the prizes were money, a chance at serialization in a manga-zine, and an editorial evaluation.
Lindsay and I had been tossing around a fantasy story called Shadow Walk. It was only loosely developed, but we had an idea how I could write a closed 20-30 story that would help flesh out part of the back-story one of the principal characters. Why not kill two birds with one stone? Develop the story and enter the contest!
For the next two months, we worked on Last Dance. It was done and shipped to Kodansha on Dec 1st. While we didn't manage to win grand prize, (that went to an artist in Taiwan named Meng-Lin Yu) we were among the short list of finalists.

Since short comics don't seem to have much of a purpose in the world of manga, I humbly submit Last Dance to the online community to read over and comment on. Enjoy!
-Jared Hodges
June 2008
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