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As with the last sketchbook page, a good deal of the material ties in with an illustration job I recently finished up. That accounts for the boar, the saddle, and the cowgirl on the left side of the right page. That does not account for the sketch of Lindsay (top right of the left page), the floppy eared bunny girl thing (middle of the left page), the dark skinned Angelica (bottom left of the left page), the orgasmo girl (top right of the right page), the Asian girl with her hair blowing in the wind (middle of the right page), or most notably, the multi-armed-eyed-and-breasted girl (center to bottom of the right page).
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potluck-perversion Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2007
Probably the coloring and intersting characters you guys come up with. The nudity certainly played a part in it too, because I'm hopelessly in love with the female matter how scary the female mind can be.
MidnightStarKina Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2007
Pretty sktechies there. Great job. :nod:

My love actually pointed me to cutepet, though I forgot what year that was. What attracted and hooked me to it was the beautiful way you and Lindsey drew and colored, as well as character design of original characters and all. I have a huge thing for wings so maybe for of the winged characters? *horrible in remembering character names sometimes*
Danno-kun Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Once again, helluva job! (especially the multi-arm/breast girl, she's quite unique)

As for cutepet, I'm very excited to see your inspiration being sparked again, for you see, it was cutepet (and yours' and Lindsay's amazing talent, of course) that inspired me to develop my own characters, poses, and style, instead of just drawing fan art, or using other artwork for poses. I hate to sound like one of those "Obsessive fans" that are out there, but in all honesty cutepet had a huge impact on my anime art, and creativity for it, so of course I'd love to see it updated and revised. As for suggestions though, I've always liked the layout, and content. The page had its own identity, and was easy to navigate. I can't honestly think of anyway to make it any better than it already is.
no1wammy Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2007   Writer
Glad you asked. The first time I heard about Cutepet, it was when I accidently posted one of your yuri Final Fantasy drawings in the Shoujo-Ai Forum without permission. It was 2002, I was a newbie back then, and I didn't knew who Cutepet was. When a member directed me to your website, I was astounded with the amount of artwork you had, and how vivid and beautiful your works were. All of them, actually. Even though my preference of hentai has dimmed down to just solo, shoujo-ai and yuri, I still liked your style, prose and approach with the whole hentai ordeal. As long as you deliver quality work to the masses, original, fanart, clean or hentai, I will always be proud of what you've accomplished.

(Sent you a note over PM.)
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January 30, 2007
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